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Who We Are.

P ower Pressure Kleen LLC is a family owned business in Mesa, Arizona. We have been in the contracting business since 2003. We are licensed, bonded and insured contractor in Arizona. We just started this Solar Panel Kleening service to the public in 2013. One thing that is nice about Power Pressure Kleen LLC is we ONLY do solar panel cleaning. We do not do windows, power wash concrete, remove graffiti ect. We SPECIALIZE IN SOLAR PANEL CLEANING. We are here to give you the facts and keep your system clean and maximizing your solar panels. We do not sell any other services so we will never bother our customers with services or products that are irrelevant.

Important facts for Arizona solar panel owners

  • Arizona has the second hardest water in the United States.
  • Dirt, bird droppings, tree debris, airplane fuel debris, and any other objects from above can apply a film over your panels, which allows less sunlight to be utilized and thereby limits your maximum power.
  • 5-30% of your power could be lost without a basic professional cleaning.
  • Using your hose and non-treated DI water could apply a hard water film over the lens of the panel and could damage your panels and/or void your warranty ( due to lack of required maintenance).
  • Each manufacturer has its own unique cleaning process.

Go with Power Pressure Kleen

20% more happiness.
Save 40% more on energy.
100% Kleen!

Our Professional Kleening Services

When we show up to your to your property, you will have experienced employees walking on your roof with the utmost care and responsibility a customer should expect. All chemicals used on your solar panels are biodegradable, plant and pet friendly. Every customer gets before and after pictures emailed to them after each Kleening services. You have no need to make appointments for an estimate, we should have all the info we need so your proposal will be sent promptly.

Why clean my solar panels?

Solar panel companies require your panels to be cleaned several times a year for maximum output and general maintenance. Due to the climate, Arizona solar panels are exposed to a number of elements which can prevent them from providing maximum power.

ALL the bad stuff!

Tree blockage, bird waste, nests, dirt, airplane fuel waste and hard water -- just to name a few. On average you can lose 5-30% of the energy from your panels as a result of these factors. With a basic cleaning several times per year, you can help prevent this power loss.

Our cleaning process

Picture will be taken of your panels before cleaning. Cleaning process is performed as per manufacture’s specifications. Final picture are taken of cleaned solar panels. All water applied is deionized, which means it is stripped of all hard chemicals, metals, positive and negative electric ion charges, making a spot free wash and rinse.

If your car, house, and boat are maintained on a regular basis, why is your most profited asset not?? Of all your assets this one does not depreciate, it is marking you money. So why not make sure its in top performing condition? On the average it costs the consumer $18-$ 30 a month to make sure all is performing right ( depends on panel size ). So ask yourself ???? Is and will it be worth it. We say YES.

Check Out Our Work Before and After.


Why clean my pannel?

Per your manufacture warranty panels should be clean & maintained on a regular basis.

Do you have to get on my roof?

Yes we are very experienced roof walkers, we don't just spray water from the ground, we brush down each & every panel EVERY Kleening.

Why do my panels still look a little foggy?

Due to home owners not cleaning panels in years, this process will take a few washes to completely remove residue buildup. Due to manufacture requirements only a light detergent shall be used when Kleening.

Why does it cost more for initial cleaning and less for cleanings after?

Your first cleaning due to not being cleaned on a regular basis will need a lot of attention and regular cleanings will help keep them Kleen.

Why not use tap water?

Due to the hard tap water, just spraying them from the ground does not Kleen them, you are leaving a film of residue behind depending on water conditions. That is why we use DI water.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

Unless you would like to see us Kleen your solar panels, no you don't. When we are finished you will receive your email w/pictures and the invoice will follow if you are not home at the time of Kleening. We take CASH, CHECK, VISA,MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS & DISCOVER.

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